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The Adventures of Bella and Choco

Join Bella and Choco on their first adventure. An adventure to a not so distant place (at least in this adventure) but an adventure to find out what it means to be YOU-neek (unique) and to find your special calling.


Children's author, musician, and storyteller Aaron Fowler presents 

The Adventures of Bella and Choco- Being YOU-neek. 

This is the first book in a series of Children's book about two adventurous dogs named Bella and Choco. The first book is about being "YOU-neek". Bella asks Choco what he wants to be when he grows up and Choco replies, " I want to be just like you". Bella reminds Choco that he has to be unique. Choco responds, "What do you mean YOU-neek." 

Illustrator Peter Mader brings his beautiful paintings to this magical story.


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Paperback-$15 + $3 shipping 
Hardcover-$25 + $4 shipping
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